Sub-Internship Program at Swedish Family Medicine

Due to limited space and time, our sub-internship positions are set up for 4th year medical students planning to practice Family Medicine. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Each sub-intern spends time with the inpatient service team and in the outpatient clinic. We are happy to accommodate requests for a second look after your interview.

Course Description: The Family Medicine Sub-Internship is an elective course designed to allow fourth year medical students to experience the daily practice of clinical Family Medicine.

Course Director: Gordon Ehlers, M.D.; (303) 788-3150

Course Coordinator: Codie Carlton, Administrative Assistant; (303) 788-3150

Course Logistics: The sub-internship in Family Medicine is a four week rotation.

Grading: Grades for this elective will be on a Pass/Honors/Fail basis and are based on the combined evaluations of faculty and/or residents working with the student.

Colorado Revised Statutes §8-40-302(7) requires schools to provide worker’s compensation coverage.

Sub-internship Requirements

  • Must have graduated from medical school within the last 3 years.
  • Must have passed USMLE Step I or COMLEX Level 1.
  • Minimum score on USMLE Step I 200 and Step II 210 are preferred and COMLEX scores at or above 500 are preferred
    • Immunization requirements (A copy of the immunization records as noted below must be provided to SMC by the time of orientation):
      • They have negative PPD, tine, or chest xray.
      • They have proof of Mumps, Rubella and Rubeola immunity by positive antibody titers or 2 doses of MMR
      • Varicella immunity, by positive history of chickenpox or proof of Varicella immunization;
      • Proof of Hepatitis B immunization
      • Tdap vaccination (within the last 10 years)
      • Flu immunization (required during flu season- October through March)
    • Program Participants must have a negative drug screening test (9-panel w/opiates drug screen) performed within one (1) year of the placement at the SMC.
      • The Program Participant shall sign a “Consent to Release Health Information” form. A copy of the signed Consent form along with a copy of the drug screen report must be provided to SMC prior to orientation.
    • Completion of a background check with no adverse information during the time the student has been enrolled as a Student at School.
      • The Program Participant shall sign a “Consent and Release to Background Check Reports”. A copy of the signed Consent form along with a copy of the completed background check report must be provided to SMC prior to orientation
    • The Program Participant shall sign a “Statement of Responsibility and Confidentiality” form. A copy of the form must be provided to SMC prior to orientation.
    • They are covered by appropriate general and professional liability insurance through Your School Name in such amounts and coverages as are required by Swedish Medical Center.
    • They have a current American Heart Association BLS card (if applicable to specialty, i.e., nursing, RT,PT,OT,ST,radiology)
    • Program participants do not have any physical or mental disabilities which renders them unable to perform services or duties with reasonable skill and safety and which may endanger the health and safety of persons under their care.
    • All students have received education on HIPAA and TJC/OSHA standards and evidence of their education is on file in this office.
I attended CU-Denver and volunteered at Swedish Hospital before being accepted to Des Moines University for medical school. Always wanting to return to Colorado, I was able to utilize my exceptional negotiating skills to convince my girlfriend Megan to move here for our 4th year of school (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the mountains or the sunshine). We were both fortunate to do sub-internships at Swedish. After volunteering and visiting family here, I knew what a high quality hospital Swedish is, and after my time with the residents, faculty, and staff at SFMR, I knew this was the program for me. Their compassion, intelligence, humor, and enthusiasm are exceptional! Zachary Singer

Resident, Class of 2016