Senior Project Presentations


Advanced Directives
Meagan Gorzalski, D.O.


New Borrn Home Visits
Becky McKindles, M.D.

Resident Leadership & Patient Safety
Stephanie Oliva, M.D.

OB Curriculum Improvement Project
Brooke Passolt, M.D.

New Borrn Home Visits
Lisa Rothlein, M.D.

Severe Hyponatremia and Immune Nephritis Following an Initial Infusion of Nivolumab
Zachary Singer, D.O.

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) = Enhanced Primary Care
Morgan Campbell, D.O.


Medications For Alcohol Dependence
Melanie Hebert, M.D.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Standards of Care and Office Management
Daniel Holligan, M.D.

Transitions of Care
Meagan McBryde, M.D.

Prostate Cancer Screening – SFMR and Beyond
Jacob McKeegan, M.D.

Chronic Pain Management: Mitigating Risk of Opioid Therapy
Anna Pazurek, M.D.

 Recurrent DVT – Football
Dale Gold, M.D.

How Effective is the Pneumococcal Vaccine in Preventing Pneumonia Among Adults
Renee Gravois, M.D.

First Trimester Myomectomy as an Alternative to Termination of Pregnancy in a Woman with a Symptomatic Uterin Leiomyoma:  A Case Report
Kara Leach, M.D.

Vaccination Rates for 2 Year Olds and 6 Year Olds at SFMR
Erica Liesmaki M.D.
Sean McBrearty, M.D.

Health Literacy
Adelaide Slack, M.D.



What are the best validated scoring systems for estimating stroke risk and bleeding risk in patients with atrial fibrillation?
Leach, Kara

Umbilical cord transection to induce fetal demise prior to second-trimester D&E abortion
Leach, Kara



Presentation of Recurrent DVT in Athlete
Gold, Dale




First trimester myomectomy as an alternative to termination of pregnancy in a woman with a symptomatic uterine leiomyoma: a case report
Leach, Kara