Swedish Family Medicine Residency

Interview Day

Swedish Medical Center is in Englewood, just south of Denver. Depending on traffic  it can between 45 and 90 minutes from Denver International Airport. Please allow for plenty of time for commuting between the airport and the interview locations when planning your visit. Maps and driving directions are included here.

Interview days, typically, conclude around 2:00 p.m. If you are traveling out of Denver International Airport the same evening as your interview, you will need to allow at least 2 hours for the return travel to DIA. This does not include time to navigate the airport.


8:30 AM




Swedish Medical Center, 501 E. Hampden Ave, Englewood CO
Meet in the lobby near the coffee cart

  • short introduction/orientation
  • attend a morning report
  • tour of the hospital
  • lunch with resident
1:00 PM
Swedish Family Medicine Residency Administration, Suite 200, 191 E. Orchard Road, Littleton, CO


  • paperwork
  • digital picture
  • faculty introduction
  • tour of third floor ambulatory facility
  • Interview Section (30 minutes each)
  1. 1) an MD or DO faculty member
  2. 2) a Behavioral Science or an MD/DO faculty member
  3. 3) a Resident.

Swedish Medical Center

501 E. Hampden Ave.
Englewood, CO 80113



Swedish Family Medicine Residency

191 East Orchard Road, #200
Littleton, CO 80121


Driving Instructions from Swedish Medical Center to the Swedish Family Medicine Residency:

Travel WEST (towards the mountains) on E. Hampden Ave. until you reach S. Broadway.
Turn LEFT on S.Broadway and stay in the LEFT lane.
Head SOUTH on S. Broadway for about 4 miles. You will pass both Belleview and Littleton Blvd. After you pass Littleton Blvd, the very next light is Orchard/Broadmoor. (Orchard is to your left and Broadmoor is to your right, a Conoco station is located on the northeast corner.)
Take a LEFT on Orchard Rd. and then take another quick LEFT to enter the parking lot of the Orchard Medical Building.

The residency is located in a 3-story tan medical building and the Residency Administration office is located on the second floor, Suite 200. Please bring your interview packet with you to the clinic.


Big City Amenities, Small Town Charm

Main Street in Littleton
The SFMR Clinic is located just outside of Denver in Littleton, Colorado. With close access to the foothills and a small town feel, Littleton is a great place to spend the next few years! Learn more about Littleton here!