International Rotation in Quito, Ecuador

Swedish Family Medicine has a longstanding relationship with Camp Hope, in Quito, Ecuador. Residents head to the programĀ almost every year, bringingĀ donated medical supplies and medications to provide health care and needed services to this region. Significant others, friends, and family are also welcome on the trip to assist with various non-medical projects such as teaching English, helping with repairs, entertaining the children, or other possible opportunities.





Local boosters named the frontier mining camp on the South Platte River “Denver” after Kansas Territorial Governor James Denver in hopes of gaining political favor. Unfortunately, Denver had retired by the time they named the town. There were originally three separate towns, with three separate names, where Denver now stands. In 1859, the other names were dropped in return for a barrel of whiskey to be shared by all. Fittingly enough, the first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon.