The Facilities at Swedish Family Medicine Residency

Swedish Family Medicine Center

A still shot of the interior of the clinic waiting room at Swedish Family Medicine Residency.

Underserved patients represent the majority of our clinic population, but a significant percentage of our office practice carries commercial insurance. This means all our residents get “on the job training” for coding, referrals, etc. When residents graduate, they are ready for those aspects of patient care right from the start!

The Swedish Family Medicine office staff work hard checking in every patient, checking out every patient, keeping the information filed and the charts flowing, etc. We have a great nursing staff consisting of both RN’s and medical assistants. They all are an asset to our program.

Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colorado

At Swedish Medical Center, located in Englewood, Colorado, the residents and faculty manage a robust inpatient family medicine service. Twelve months of residency training is spent on the inpatient service, including experience caring for adult medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology, newborn and obstetrics patients (training the same way a family physician practices). Residents average 4-5 admissions per 24 hour period.

Interns are never alone on the inpatient service! They work with an upper-level resident until they are ready to handle cases alone, though supervision is always available when needed.  Faculty attendings admit patients with residents at all hours, and provide teaching at the point of care, not the next day.

Additional Facilities and Learning Opportunities

Work in Ecuador!

Swedish Family Medicine has a longstanding relationship with a school/home for disabled kids called Camp Hope in Quito, Ecuador. Residents go down almost every year with donated medical supplies and medications in tow to provide health care and needed services to this region. Significant others, friends, and family are also welcome on the trip to assist with various non-medical projects such as teaching English, helping with repairs, entertaining the children, or other possible opportunities.


Community Medicine with Adolescents

All residents participate periodically throughout their residency in a dedicated Adolescent Medicine experience at the Health Center at Englewood High School. A full range of services are provided including well-adolescent care and pre-participation evaluations, acute care and intermittent management of chronic medical conditions. In addition, residents have the opportunity to volunteer at high school football games.


Senior Care

As part of our geriatrics curriculum, our residents round on nursing home patients at Cherrelyn Healthcare Center, a Skilled Nursing and Residential Nursing Home, located about a mile from our Family Medicine Center. Each family medicine resident is assigned one or more long term nursing home residents who they follow through their residency. Our family medicine residents see their own nursing resident monthly and follow them when they are hospitalized. We also follow our own inpatients who are referred to Cherrelyn for skilled rehab.



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