Current Residents at Swedish Family Medicine Residency

 Class of 2017


NameJeff Lewis, MD

Class Year2017

Education: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Specialty/Research InterestsFamily Medicine (I’m a big-picture generalist!), with a strong interest in both medical informatics and emergency medicine.

Tidbit about yourselfI like most: spending time with family, spending time outside, guitars, wine, skiing, motorcycles.

NameCarmen Vandal, MD

Class Year: 2017

EducationUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine 

Specialty/Research InterestsEverything! But really like women’s health, geriatrics, and internal medicine. Also interested in underserved care, health disparities and cultural competency. 

Tidbit about yourselfI’m a Colorado native and have lived most of my life in Denver, CO. I love to have fun with friends, go for walks with my husband and 2 dachshunds, eat any kind of food, and work on my garden. I speak Spanish fluently and also love to travel (when I have time!). 

Name: Joedy Hulings, MD

Class Year: 2017

Education: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Specialty/Research Interests: Primary care in underserved communities, HIV primary care, patient-provider relationships, community-building

Tidbit about yourself: I enjoy playing in the great outdoors with my partner Dave and our 2 energetic dogs, training for and competing in Crossfit competitions, listening to musical soundtracks, line dancing at Charlie’s, and trying new restaurants in Denver.



Name: Catherine Dunne, DO

Class Year: 2017

Education: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Specialty/Research Interests: Adolescent medicine

Tidbit about yourself: Hiking, snowboarding, college football (Go Irish!), baking, concerts




NameRachel Rodriguez, MD

Class Year: 2017

EducationUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine

Specialty/Research InterestsAside from the phenomenal cornucopia of variety that Family Medicine has to offer, my particular passions are: Lactation (I plan to become a Lactation Consultant while in residency) and Sleep Hygiene

Tidbit about yourselfHobbies: ballroom dancing, hiking along mountain streams, catching gigantic fish Likes: being Auntie to my nephew and niece, Broadway musicals, binge watching shows on Netflix




NameKatie Seikel, DO

Class Year: 2017

EducationOklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Specialty/Research InterestsWomen’s health, preventative medicine, pediatrics, osteopathic manipulation, missions – local and abroad

Tidbit about yourselfFrom the great state of Oklahoma, but thankful to be living in beautiful Colorado. My free time is spent running, hiking, road biking, skiing (yay mountains!), and patio-ing at the many awesome breweries and restaurants Denver has to offer.

Class of 2018


NameMichael Rudolph, MD

Class Year: 2018

Education: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Specialty/Research Interests: Behavioral health, cultural competency, social determinants of health, community-based research and engagement

Tidbit about yourself: I was born at Swedish hospital and raised in the Littleton area. I love Colorado and all it has to offer, including cycling, snowboarding, ultimate Frisbee, and the great bluegrass music scene. There’s no better place to be than Colorado, and Swedish is a fantastic program.





NameMelissa Leopard, MD

Class Year: 2018

Education: Drexel University

Specialty/Research Interests:Preventative Medicine, Sports Medicine

Tidbit about yourself: Likes cooking, attending sporting events, hiking





Name:Meghan Taylor, MD

Class Year: 2018

EducationThomas Jefferson Medical College

Specialty/Research Interests:Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Preventive Medicine

Tidbit about yourselfI am a Colorado native so I loved the usual hiking, biking, skiing, camping and cheering for the Broncos. Now I love doing all those things even more with my husband and three year old son! Other likes: Colorado Railroad Museum, Jazz in the Park, food trucks, and Station 26 Brewery.





NameSusan Kunihiro, MD

Class Year: 2018

Education:University of South Florida

Specialty/Research Interests:Interested in health inequities and medical education. Looking forward to the wide range of all family med has to offer.

Tidbit about yourself: I enjoy playing violin, hiking, baking, trying new cuisines.





NameMadeline McKeeverr, MD

Class Year: 2018

EducationThe Warren Medical School at Brown University

Specialty/Research Interests:Addiction, physician health, prisoner health, sports medicine, pediatrics

Tidbit about yourself:As a Colorado native, I’m thrilled to be back in my home community after a decade on the East Coast! In my free time, I run, bike, swim, and compete in events involving one or more of those disciplines. I also enjoy live music of all sorts and occasionally play the ukulele.





NameJulia Rhoden, MD

Class Year: 2018

Education: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Specialty/Research Interestsfull spectrum family medicine, particularly women’s health, procedures, and care of the underserved

Tidbit about yourselfI’m from North Carolina, so I am enjoying exploring all Denver has to offer with my husband and our dog. I love being outdoors, eating, reading, college sports (Go Wolfpack!), and hanging out with friends.





Class of 2019


Name: Christian Lobo, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: University at Buffalo

Specialty/Research Interests: Preventive medicine, models of healthcare delivery, informatics

Tidbit about yourself: I grew up in Oregon on a steady diet of camping, hiking, and science fairs and dabble in electric guitar, cooking, photography, running, tennis, and technology.  My wife and I love traveling, and our favorite trip so far was to Spain and Portugal.

Name: Travis Peveto, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Specialty/Research Interests: Integrating behavioral health into primary care, occupational medicine, wilderness medicine

Tidbit about yourself: I have spent most of my life in Colorado and have developed more hobbies than I can reasonably afford. Every chance we get my wife and I are dragging our two geriatric dogs up to the hills to mountaineer, mountain bike, backcountry ski, build a snow cave, or anything else we can think of that involves immersing ourselves in this beautiful state. I am thrilled to be staying in CO and my dogs are excited that I will be busy so they can stay at home and sleep a little.

Name: Emily Rosenfeld, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, TX

Specialty/Research Interests: Full-spectrum Family Medicine, with special interests in women’s health, family planning, adolescent medicine, mental health, and LGBT health.

Tidbit about yourself: I’ve lived in Texas for most of my life, which you can guess by my use of the word “y’all”, and am so excited to be starting a new adventure in Colorado! I love doing anything outdoors, including hiking, distance running, biking, skiing and snowboarding. I also enjoy reading, board games, and spending time with family and friends.

Name: Emily Schrader, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, TX

Specialty/Research Interests: Community Medicine, Global Health, Women’s Health

Tidbit about yourself: Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I’m excited to bring my love of live music and college football (Hook ‘Em Horns!) out to the mountains of Denver. I also enjoy traveling, reading and hanging out at the dog park with my boyfriend Kurtis and his dog, Bruce. I look forward to graduating from the bunny slopes to black diamonds during my time in Colorado!

Name: Simon Stampe, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: SUNY Upstate

Specialty/Research Interests: Primary care, palliative care, medical informatics

Tidbit about yourself: I enjoy many outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking, sailing, and hiking with my wife Meg and our dog George. I also love to cook and try new foods.

Name: Kelly Westhoff, MD

Class Year: 2019

Education: Creighton University School of Medicine

Specialty/Research Interests: Preventative Medicine, Mental Health, Geriatrics, Palliative Care

Tidbit about yourself: I’m a Colorado native who is excited to be returning home for residency training! I love doing anything outside including hiking, camping, and fishing. I also really enjoy travelling to new places. I have a soft spot for the elderly and truly enjoy time hanging out with friends!

I consider myself to be blessed beyond belief to be training here at Swedish Family Medicine. I remember thinking that my goal for finding a residency program was to get out there and find “my people.” I knew I needed to find kindred spirits with whom I could feel at home and whom I respected as peers and as mentors–SFMR is that place for me; I found where I belong and it is making all the difference. The training is intense and the learning is a mile a minute but the support and mentorship, from all around, has given me the strength and encouragement I’ve needed to thrive. 

Rachel Rodriguez

Resident, Class of 2017